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Real Estate Vendor Management

Acquiring, moving into and managing a new real estate property is a process with many moving parts. Our in-depth knowledge of all real estate processes will aid in your vendor analysis and selection, and our team can guide you through every step of your proposal, evaluation and vendor selection process.
Running a successful real estate property is not an easy task, it takes lots of energy and effort. Finding the right vendors and suppliers for all of your needs is an important part while managing your property or on leased out property. The steps in the selection process are specifically designed to make your search for vendors much easier. Having Kavita Kiran there to guide you through this process.

The 6 steps for vendor selection process:

1. Scheduling a consultation 
The first step will always be a consultation with our team. We can talk at length about your goals and needs for vendors, and then create a plan that best addresses those. We will be by your side through all of the selection process steps and make sure you are an active partner in the vendor analysis process. Your vendor review process will always be tailored to your situation and expectations.

2. Knowing your wants and needs
The vendor development procedure our team will define a list of vendor requirements, technical and business requirements and more. Kavita Kiran can help you put together the statement of work for all the services you require. 

3. Shortlisting potential vendors
Once a list of requirements is created, Space Hunt Services will start your search for vendors and suppliers. Because of Kavita’s more than 15 years of experience in the real estate industry, she has built up a network of helpful, experienced professionals for every supply and service that you may need for your property.

4. Completing a request for proposal

  • The proposal will include the following points:

  • An introduction outlining your goals and a timeline.

  • Explanation of requirements for your project.

  • Selection criteria

  • Further explanation of your project timeline

5. Evaluate the proposal 
It's important that you focus on the facts and figures with this decision-making process. Seek input from all members of your team and make sure that you conclude together.

6. Negotiation and finalization of the contract
Once you and your team have a vendor in mind for a certain service, Kavita can help you propose and negotiate a contract to start that work. Kavita can play a valuable role in ensuring that your goals and needs are met in as fair a supplier contract as possible.

Every vendor selection process is different, but Space Hunt team are ready to help you find the perfect supplier for your property or organization. Ready to get started? Schedule a consult with our team today.

Let’s Start Finding Together!

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